Most Lethal Weapon Ever Designed, Can Single-Handedly Destroy Entire Continents

The USS Pennsylvania is just as stealthy as it is deadly.

Labeled by the National Geographic as “the most lethal weapon ever designed,” this United States Navy Ohio class submarine is “an apocalypse machine capable of devastating entire continents.”

Once the vessel dives underwater, it immediately becomes completely undetectable. The submarine makes no noise, making it extremely difficult for its enemies to pinpoint its exact

So with the combination of its stealthy capabilities and the nuclear weapons it carries, this submarine is indeed the silent predator of the deep.

As Captain Bradford S. Neff pointed out during an interview:

“One of our primary missions is to remain at sea undetected. So our job day to day, hour to hour is to remain quiet so that no one knows where we are except us.”

he technology used for the USS Pennsylvania is definitely most advanced. In fact, this submarine can dive more than 250 meters and can stay underwater up to 6 months – without the need of resurfacing. More impressively, it can run for 20 years without refueling.

As for its firepower, the USS Pennsylvania carries nuclear weapons that can, as mentioned above, destroy an entire continent. The purpose of having this, of course, is nuclear deterrence – a strategy used to prevent war.

Basically, the idea behind having a terrifying firepower is to make enemies think twice about attacking the country. Russia, for example, has nuclear weapons at their disposal but they would hesitate to attempt a launch against another nuclear-powered country such as the United States, because of the certainty of mutual assured destruction, better known as MAD. A 100% Guarantee that if “you destroy us, we destroy you.”