Martin Del Rosario Admits That He Is The Man In The Scandalous Photo

Another issue is being thrown at Martin Del Rosario. It was another photo scandal. The man in the photo was said to be Martin who appeared to be inside the bathroom without any pants or underwear on.

The photo went viral last February 8. There are some people who claims that the photo was digitally altered while there are some that confirmed that it was definitely him.

Last night, February 10 the 23-year-old actor was seen in Shangri-La Hotel, Makati City for the GMA Thanksgiving party.

He said that he sees the face, sando and the posture of the man on the picture saying that it was him. But he is unsure whether who or when the photo was taken.


Based on the interviewed that he had with, he admitted being the man in the video but could not remember when this happened so he doubted at first whether it was really him. He said, “Well, mukha ko ‘yan… sando ko ‘yan, alam ko.3

“Una, hindi ko alam kung sino yung kumuha or hindi ko maalala yung moment na ‘yan.Hindi ko alam kong sino yung mga kasama ko nung kinuha ‘yan. Hindi ko alam kung totoo tuloy.Ibig sabihin, pinagdudahan ko yung picture mismo,” Martin said.

The netizens even called him gifted because of the ‘junk’ that he has.