Man Drugs Innocent Prostitute And Rapes Her All Night

A pervert from Singapore got a dose of his own medicine after a prostitute pimp shamed him over social media after putting a drug into a woman’s drink before molesting her.

Pierre Chang was a regular customer of a prostitute named Sun but the pimp started to get so mad with him after not paying the required amount everytime he extended his allotted time.

When the unidentified pimp decided to refused any booking from him, he eventually became furious and harassed Sun over the phone but she keeps telling her pimp to not mind Chang.

Then one night Chang went to Sun’s place unexpectedly and invited her for a drink at the nearest 7/11 store.


Without her knowledge, the drink was already drugged and that’s when all hell broke loose. Chang brought her back to her place and abused her all night.

The pimp only found out what happened when he checked on Sun early morning and she’s not answering the door. After forcing it open, he found Pierre worried about Sun’s condition who’s almost dying at that time.

Though she’s perfectly fine now, the pimp said that Pierre should be given a lesson he will never forget all his life and that’s by revealing his face and Facebook account for the public to see including his wife.