Loving Husband Plants Thousands of Flowers for His Blind Wife to Smell

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki live in a rural part of Japan with their two children. Since both enjoy the outdoors, they decided to move into a dairy farm after they got married. All was well for the family until Mrs. Kuroki developed diabetes.

Because of her diabetes, Mrs. Kuroki went blind. For someone who love the outdoors, becoming blind is a huge hurdle because getting out of the house at will was something she could not do anything.

This caused Mrs. Kuroki to become depressed. Withdrawing from her family, she retreated in the comforts of her own home, secluding herself from her husband and children.

Sad that this would happen to his beloved wife, Mr. Kuroki decided he should do something to cheer her up. Thus, he started planting a small garden of flowers for her to enjoy. Even if she could not see the flowers with her own eyes, she could still ‘see’ them through their scent!


Although the experience was different, being able to smell the flowers snapped Mrs. Kuroki out of her depression. She was soon going out from their house and enjoying the outdoors again.

Realizing that he had found the best way to please his wife and show her that he truly loves her, Mr. Kuroki spent the next two years planting more flowers around their home and throughout their dairy farm. Soon, the place was filled with pink blooms which captured the attention of the other villagers.