King Salman of Saudi Helps Distressed Workers and Orders Arabian Companies to Give Their Wages

“No Wage, No Work.” This was the cry of hundreds of workers rallied in Jeddah as their employers are breaching their contracts in terms of wage. Due to the economic crisis in Saudi Arabia because of price drop in oil, employees have not been receiving their wages for months now. The affected employees includes many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

With this, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi released a directive to the Minister of Labour and Social development and Ministry of Finance to oblige companies to give the laborers the right amount of wages following the Wage Protection Program of the country. This includes giving the wage that was according to the original contracts of the laborers, which are mostly from the Saudi Oger and Saudi Bin Ladin Group Companies.

The king has also ordered for the accommodation of “distressed workers” living in the streets. The Saudi government has already connected with Saudi Airline to help these distressed workers go home to their countries. This included the Passport Department which was ordered to help complete their papers. He also hired legal consultants to help these workers settle their ‘financial claims’.

All expenses of the government will be taken from the companies involved.


Aside from this, the Saudi government also issues SR100-M or ($27-M) and is now managed by the Labor minister.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello of the Philippines has already made arrangements with the Saudi Arabia to help 9,000 distressed OFW go home