Joma Sison: Forget the US, they’re useless, let’s just deal with China

The founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines has urged the Duterte administration to come to terms with China by bilateral talks than heeding the advice of the United States as Joma referred to them as “useless imperialist”.

“I wish to discuss with you how US imperialism has imposed itself on the Filipino people and violated their national sovereignty and thwarted their aspirations for democracy, social justice and development since 1898 by military, political, economic and cultural means”, Joma Sison said.

US: Joma Sison and NPA are terror group

In 2002, then US Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that the USA henceforth considered the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and their armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), to be terrorist organizations. Additionally, they labeled a long-time Philippine revolutionary leader and theorist—Jose Maria Sison—to be a supporter of terrorism. Sison had been living in exile in the Netherlands.

Taking its global war against terrorism a step further, the US has added the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) — including its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA) — to its list of “foreign terrorist organizations.”

US Secretary of State Colin Powell made the recommendation less than a week after returning from a tour of Southeast Asia, which included a stop in Manila to bolster support for the Philippine government’s anti-terrorism campaign.


“Today, we are taking another important step in our continuing efforts to combat global terrorism. I am announcing the designation of the CPP-NPA as a foreign terrorist organization, as defined under US law,” Powell said.

The decision was published on Friday in the Federal Register, the official US government gazette.

In a statement, Powell said the US government arrived at the decision after an “exhaustive review of this group’s violent activities.”

“The group has killed, injured or kidnapped numerous Philippine citizens, including government officials,” he said.

The State Department’s terrorist designation makes it illegal for US citizens to provide support to the CPP-NPA, which maintains ties with leftist groups in western countries.