Japan And South Korea Offers Low Cost Products If Philippines Will Boycott ‘Made In China’ Products

After China’s firm decision not to honor the result of arbitration case filed by the Philippines in The Hague, Netherlands, Japan and Korea are reportedly ready to offer low cost products if Philippines will boycott Chinese products.

After the victory of the Philippines on the disputed Island case, China urge its people to stop importing Filipino product especially fruits from the country.

Some Chinese men also burned the symbolic flag of the Philippines and created a video to show their protest.

On Friday during the Asian-European Summit held at Mongolia, Japan and South Korea are ready to lower their price if Philippines will import products from them as a replacement from “Made in China” Products. Nations Press reported.

Both countries are willing to have a major deal with Philippines if Filipino will Boycott China’s products. Lower costs and low cost local manufacturing are being offered by South Korea.

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