Is It Wrong Or Right To Kiss Your Children On The Lips? Experts Revealed How It Affects The Child!

After Victoria Beckham uploaded a photo of her kissing her daughter on the lips along with a caption of “Happy Birthday baby girl … We all love you so much … Kisses from mummy X”, the people are no having a debate as to whether it is good or bad to kiss your children on the lips.

There is a dillema because of this practice.

A psychologist at the UCLA named Dr. Charlotte Reznick said that the kiss on the lips from the parents can bring confusion to the children.

“If you start to kiss your kids on the mouth when they are young, when do you stop? It’s extremely confusing,” he said.

When these children reach the age of 5-6 years old, they tend to be confused of their gender and bodies. They tend to be stimulated by the kiss on the lips.


However, Dr. Fiona Martin of the Sydney Child Psychology Center disagrees with the stand of Dr. Reznick

“It is normal and healthy to show affection for your children. You are communicating to your children that you love them,” she said.

She added that there is no documentation that kissing the kids on the lips created a problem.

The people who are bothered with the photo claims that it is not the kiss but the age of the daughter.