Irresponsible Buyer Orders 250 Pokemon Toys but Fails to Show Up, What Happens Next Will Make You Cry!

Uncle David has been selling toys for more than a decade and has his own share of joy-buyers and lousy transactions. But he didn’t expect that the 250 Pokemon toys he failed to sell will pave a way for him to experience compassion from strangers.

After an unknown buyer ordered 250 Pokemon soft toys from him but did not show up, Uncle David thought that he was in a rut. Fortunately, a concerned netizens saw him at his usual spot, surrounded by unsold stocks of toys.

Uncle David said that he was fit and strong, working as a lounge manager. However leukemia struck him, prompting him to leave his job and recover. Still, he resolved to earn money to support his son and send him to school.

Netizen and photographer Murali Subramaniam was touched by Uncle David’s story which led him to post a Facebook status saying: “Those who like playing Pokémon Go, don’t waste your time playing that game. Come to the HSBC Bank at Uptown PJ and find this uncle who sells Pokémon dolls for RM10 each.”


His post immediately went viral. In no time, concerned netizens bought all of the unsold stocks. Murali said “He (Uncle David) explained all his stock for today were sold out, thanks to Facebook and netizens. He had to go back to the supplier and get more stock,”

People still continue to buy Pokemon soft toys from him after hearing his heart-warming story.

Faith in humanity, restored!