Innocent man shot dead by cops for looking like a drug addict

A man was shot dead by police officers for looking like a drug addict.

Meagan Mateo posted on her facebook that a family friend of theirs has been shot dead due to the looks of being a drug addict/pusher, “Well a close family friend of ours got shot last night. What’s worse is pulis pa yung namaril sakanya. Akala daw kasi mukang adik. Eh hindi naman. Tangina nagtatrabaho yung tao tapos babarilin nyo? Oh ano, will your apologies and condolences feed his family? No. Wow okay. Change is coming talaga.”.

Ms. Mateo even slammed the people who said it was a cover-up story;

“Okay sa mga tao dito na nagsasabing di totoo yung post ko, sige, di naman ako nagpost nyan para maging sikat and shit. Pero I stand by my words.

Masakit malaman na yung kaibigan ng pamilya mo ng ilang taon, yung naghahatid pa sayo sa school kapag sira yung kotse ng tatay mo, eh napatay dahil sa walang kwentang dahilan. Pulis pa gumawa. Oo I need the attention, pero not on me.

It’s for the fact na this country is getting less safe everyday. We are supposed to feel safe kapag andyan ang pulis, pero now na nangyari to, natatakot nako sa mga pulis e. Basta maniwala kayo o hindi, masakit samin yung nangyari. Lalaban ako against these killings“, Megan said.

The drug war in the Philippine has intensified since Pres. Rodrigo Duterte started his term. Duterte promised during the elections a relentless and merciless war against drugs in the Philippines which he thinks that dragged the country from the abyss of misery.

“I putting my honor, integrity and life. Give me 3-6 months and I’ll end drugs in this country”, Duterte said.


Duterte was a known an anti-drug czar even before he was the Mayor of Davao City for 22 years.

Duterte claimed that Davao City is one of the safest city in the world and that he would replicate reforms he initiated in Davao City to the whole Philippines.

Rodrigo Duterte’s choice for police chief said the president-elect’s campaign promise of suppressing crime and drugs in 3 to 6 months is “attainable.”

“Oo, attainable ‘yan; kaya ‘yan. Hindi kaya kung hindi tayo kikilos at ang komunidad hindi tutulong,” said incoming Philippine National Police chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa on Tuesday, May 31.

(Yes, it’s attainable; it’s doable. It won’t be doable if we don’t act and if the community doesn’t help.)

He said he would order the police to “apply the full force of the law” against criminals, especially against “drug personalities” – drug users, drug pushers, drug couriers, and druglords.

Dela Rosa has become famous in Davao City for implementing Oplan TukHang (Tuktok-Hangyo) in which city police would go door-to-door, knocking on the homes of known drug dealers and users to ask them to reform.