Indonesia Is Ready for China’s Attack As They Strengthened Maritime Force

After Philippines won the favor of the International Arbitration Court with the West Philippine Sea Islands, many countries have been taking doing their own measures to either support the Philippines or protect their own islands who are included to China’s claims.

For one, is Indonesia who is now strengthening their maritime visibility in Natuna Islands. Indonesian defense secretary Ryamizard Ryacudu confirmed that they will be deploying warships in the said island, as it was claimed under the nine-dash-line of China. Natunas Islands, is part of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Indonesia. It can be recalled that they too, have had feuds with Chinese vessels as well.

The former general Ryacudu also confirmed that once the barracks and housing will be finished, military members will be on their positions in the area- Special Air Forces, Marine, and the Army Battalion. An estimated year or less, Ryacudu confirms that military improvements will be ready.


President Joko Widodo can be remembered to have visited the island last month in a warship, together with his cabinet members. He expressed that he firmly stand on his country’s right on the islands and said that he doesn’t agree on China’s militarization plans.

Meanwhile, China has not yet conceded on the UN ruling.