If You Have A Heart Attack Alone, Here’s What You SHOULD Do.

We can’t predict when heart attacks occur, but we can train ourselves in case it happens to us and our loved ones.

The method we’ll talk about is called “Cough-CPR.” From the word itself, you’ll need to cough to keep your heart pumping.

When you have a heart attack, the first thing you must do is call 911. Cough-CPR won’t completely stop heart attack, but it will keep the heart functioning until the emergency response team arrives.

There are two packages available if you want unlimited emergency calls: 1) premium solo costs 800 per year, and 2) family card that covers up to 5 people, costing P1,800 a year.


After dialing 911, inhale deeply and cough five times quickly. You can practice this until you can cough 10 to 30 times per bout.

The video below will demonstrate how the cough should be like.

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