Hot Ginger Wrap For Overnight Waistline Reduction

Ginger is a great flavor but also has many medicinal properties. It helps boost metabolism and ultimately get rid of all that extra fat. This trick uses the same logic but it works from the outside. It’s called the ginger layer.

Here is how you make it:


  • Ginger powder (freshly ground) – 1 tbsp
  • Body lotion – Few tablespoons
  • You will also need terry cloth, plastic foil and elastic bandage.

Preparation & Usage

Soak the cloth in warm water and wrap around the body area where you want to lose fat. When the cloth is left for a few minutes, it will help in the expansion of the pores. The cloth can gain be dipped in warm water and wrapped around for further expanding the pores.


Then wrap:

Apply the prepared lotion on your stomach evenly and generously. Now warp plastic foil or a terry cloth around your stomach and waist so that it is correctly fitted. Make sure the wrap it put on securely and not too tight that will lead to have problems with breathing.

Let this stay on for a minimum of 4 hours to a max of 6 hours. And you will see amazing results.