He Was Always Mad At The Beggar Who Sleeps In Front Of His Shop. But When He Checked His CCTV, He Could Not Believe What He Saw!

Never judge someone on how you see them in the outside, you never know what they feel inside.

A viral video of a shop owner and a beggar has been making the rounds on social media. The video starts with the shopkeeper pushing the beggar away by throwing water on him and even kicking him.

Every day, the beggar is always seen sleeping in front of the shop and the shop owner treats poorly.

However, the video reveals that the beggar, at night, guards the shop. He keeps the shop away from criminals, vandals and to those who wants to destroy the shop. He was very diligent and loyal to the shop owner despite the mistreatment.


One day, the shop owner wondered why the beggar is not sleeping in front of his shop anymore. An old lady beside his shop said that the beggar was long gone. Wanting to know what happened, he then checked his CCTV.

Upon seeing what happens every night, he burst into tears seeing that the beggar is the one who guards his store.