He Saw A Beautiful Girl Swimming In The Lake, What Happens Next Was Indeed Unexpected!

It is for real that a lot of people believe that there are different creatures in this world that are yet to be seen. They say that there are some incidents that are truly unexpected and unbelievable.

Now, in this video, there’s this story wherein a young man from the city visited a hidden place in the province.

As he was roaming around the place, he saw this beautiful girl who’s swimming in the beautiful lake. He then grabbed the chance to draw the beautiful girl in the lake.

When he left the place, he bumped into a farmer who warned him of entering that place. He told the young boy to never return to the place again.

But then, he didn’t listen to him, instead, he returned to the place the next day and met with the young girl again.


But one day, while he was with the young girl, she asked him to come with her and climb a huge rock formation. After reaching the top of the rock, the girl then asked her to jump with her.

What happens afterwards isn’t what he really expected!

He almost died after he jumped into the river. The good thing is that he was saved by the father of the young girl he met.

It turns out that the young girl was already lifeless and that she died after her boyfriend forced her to jump into the river, despite knowing that she doesn’t know how to swim.