Have You Ever Seen A Tiny Extra Hole In Someone’s Ear And Wondered What It Was? Read This To Find Out!

According to research claims and reports, the extra tiny hole usually found in front of the ear is said to be a congenital imperfection known as a preauricular sinus or preauricular pit. Fortunately, it is not harmful or life-threatening as some might assume.

The hole develops at the sixth week of pre-birth and was first reported as a congenital disorder back in 1864. This has been on record under the US National Library of Medicine.

Medscape, an online health site explained that it is a sinus tract.
“These tiny holes in the ear are located near the front of the ear and mark the entrance to a sinus tract that may travel under the skin near the ear cartillage.”

The hole is hereditary and essentially harmless, albeit prone to infection.

“The main problem with preauricular pits is that they can lead to benign cysts or infections. These include small pus-filled masses known as abscesses,” explains Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


Those who suffer repetitious infections are advised by doctors to go through minor surgery to remove the preauricular sinus.

Studies also show that the preauricular sinus is not common, except in places such as Africa and Asia.

A study in the Korean Journal of Audiology shows statistics that reveal 4-10% of Asia and Africa’s population have a preauricular sinus. The study also reflects that 5 % of South Korea‚Äôs population has preauricular sinus.

On the other hand, the UK and the US have the lowest number of preauriclar sinus cases, with 0.9 % and 0.1 % respectively.