Fascinating Art Teacher Left A Heart-breaking Message For Her Loved Ones On Facebook After She Lost Her Battle With Cancer

Jesselyn Ng has it all. Beautiful face, loving family, and a wonderful job as an art teacher in Singapore. But at the ripe age of 21, she was diagnosed with cancer.
It was not disclosed what type of cancer Jesselyn got.

She battled it with all she can but it was not enough. After 10 months of combatting cancer, she fell into coma and needed life support to make her stay alive.
Her family is also suffering and they decided that Jesselyn would be happy if they’re going to end her suffering. Even if it breaks their heart, they eventually cut the cord. Five days letter, the heaven has a new angel.

After she died, her friends we’re shocked to see their beautiful friend post a message to all of them. It made their eyes cry.

They all thought it was the ghost of Jesselyn who posted this tear-jerking message but it was actually her sister who posted it. Jesselyn said the message her sister in verbatim and like a good sibling, she wrote it down so that people would know her last words.




Don’t fool yourself if it did not touch your heart. How could she die when she can succeed a lot of things in this world? Imagine her parents, her sister, and her family. Life can be really so unfair. The world may have lost a talented human being but heaven will have a beautiful soul. God bless her