Employee Of SSS Was Called Out After Mistreating A Pregnant Woman And A Senior Citizen?

A post calls out one of the employees of the Social Security System after being accused of mistreating a senior citizen and a pregnant woman who were there to inquire inside the SSS branch.

The post came from a certain Lyncel Meneses on Facebook. It was a lengthy post along with a photo that narrated the whole incident.

Meneses said, that she went to the Gil Puyat Branch of SSS in Makati City where she needed to process something for her husband who is an Overseas Filipino Worker.

She went inside and a guard approached her kindly and directed her to the desk especially for the PWDs, senior citizens and pregnant women.

When she got there, she saw an old woman whom she described as someone who is ‘irritated’ to the employee on the designated desk.


The pregnant woman claims that the said employee of SSS failed to attend their concerns which was already handled in other branches such as SSS Dasma and SSS Ayala. The employee insisted that there are documents needed to be presented like the authorization letter that the husband needed to send via e-mail. Knowing that the nature of work of her husband is not easy to process those things, the woman got angry.

The woman decided to call 8888 to address her concerns regarding the rude employee of the SSS. She was waiting for an agent to rant about her problem when the manager of the branch came and assisted her.

On the other hand, no official statement was released by the SSS employee who was involved in the said incident.