Each Of Your Fingers Is Connected To 2 Of Your Body Organs: Learn The Japanese Method Of Curing It Within 5 Minutes!

Ancient Japanese people have passed on a method to treat organs through the use of vital finger points which intends to balance the energy in one’s body and focuses on emotional and physical health. According to the Japanese, the alternative treatment only requires 5 minutes and each finger is linked with two of the body’s organs.

The method helps proper functioning of body organs through holding finger’s vital points and pressing it for 3-5 minutes. While massaging the fingers on both hands, deep breathing is also necessary.

Every finger corrseponds to a certain organ and is associated to a particular emotion.

Organs: stomach and spleen
Associated Emotions: Depression and Anxiety
External Symptoms: Abdominal Pain, Skin Problems, Headaches and Nervousness


Forefinger or Index Finger
Organs: kidney and bladder
Associated Emotions: Confusion, Disappointment and Fear
External Symptoms: Toothache, backache, muscle ache and Digestive System Problems

Middle Finger
Organs: Liver and Gall bladder
Associated Emotions: Anger, Irritability and Indecision
External Symptoms: Fatigue, migraine, frontal headache, vision problems, blood circulation, menstrual pain

Ring Finger
Organs: Lungs and colon
Associated Emotions: Negativity, Sadness and Fear
External Symptoms: asthma, respiratory problems, digestion problems and skin diseases

Pinkie or Small Finger
Organs: Heart and small intestine
Associated Emotions: confidence, anxiety, nervousness and care
External Symptoms: sore throat, stomach bloating, bone problems and heart diseases