Duterte Imposes No Demolition Rule Until A Relocation Had Been Provided For Them. Read FULL Statement Here!

President Rodrigo Duterte has spoken in regards to his stand about informal settler saying he would not allow demolitions to carry on without proper relocation sites being provided. He said he knew the situations of the indigent, they weren’t supposed to be treated as dogs.

“During my time, there will be no demolition pag walang relocation, ‘di ako papayag… Kasi kung walang mapuntahan, sirain mo ang bahay… Ano, parang aso? Eh saan pupunta yung mga tao?”

This is the sort of policies Duterte has made in Davao that had made the entire nation envious of Davao and the man who has made this happened. This is what made Duterte won during the presidential election, his heart for the poor.

For the relocation of the poor, Duterte plans to intensify the collection of taxes, especially businessmen to gain more funds for the programs concerning the indigent.