Doctors Claim That BJs are Good For Women’s Health And It Can Even Fight Depression

We all know women hate doing this to men when they’re making love but this time, it seems that men have science to back them up.

In a recent study by State University of New York, oral s*x is said to be a healthy feel-good remedy for depression. How is that?

Scientists discovered that the male’s semen could be beneficial to the woman’s health because spermatozoa, cortisol, estrone and oxytocin — which are all found in a semen — increase mood to positive levels.

In addition, melatonin and serotonin — which are also found in the semen — could work as anti-depressants too!


Women who also blows regularly are found to be performing better at work and home as it helps their concentration and cognitive skills.

Men, share this news for your lady to know that what you like is beneficial for both of you.

Study Claims 'BJs' Are Good For Women's Health and In Fighting Depression