DID YOU KNOW: You Can Travel To Over 62 Countries Without Visa? READ HERE!

We all know the hassle in getting visas just to be able to travel to other countries. Not to mention scheduling the interview two months before just to get a slot then just get rejected after. Too many requirements, too many effort.

But did you know that Filipinos can travel to 62 countries without a visa or just acquiring it on arrival? Well, here’s the list:

Countries That Do Not Require Visa to Philippine Passport Holders
These are the countries that does not require you a visa with a condition to stay on the maximum allowed duration.

Country Duration
Bolivia 90 days
Brazil 90 days
Brunei 14 days
Cambodia 21 days
Colombia 90 days, another 90 days can be extended
Costa Rica 30 days; can be extended to a total of 90 days
Dominica 21 days
Ecuador 90 days
Fiji 4 months
Gambia 90 days: Entry clearance must be obtained from the Gambian Immigration before travel
Haiti 3 months
Hong Kong 14 days
Indonesia 30 days
Israel 3 months
Laos 30 days
Malaysia 30 days
Micronesia 30 days
Mongolia 21 days
Myanmar 14 days
Peru 183 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
Singapore 30 days
Suriname 90 days
Thailand 30 days
Vanuatu 30 days
Vietnam 21 days


On the other hand, these are the countries that requires Visa upon arrival. With just a few requirements, they would let you stay at a period of time.

Country Duration
Armenia 120 days
Burundi 30 days – can be processed at Bujumbura International Airport
Cape Verde
Guinea-Bissau 90 days
India 30 days
Kenya 3 months
Kyrgyzstan 1 month
Madagascar 90 days
Maldives 30 days
Marshall Island 90 days
Mozambique 30 days
Nepal 90 days
Nicaragua 90 days
Palau 30 days
Papua New Guinea 60 days
Saint Lucia 6 weeks
Samoa 60 days (Entry Permit on arrival)
Seychelles 1 month
Somalia 30 days – invitation letter should be submitted to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before arrival. Invitation letter is issued by the sponsor.
Sri Lanka 30 days (Electronic Travel Authorization)
Tajikistan 45 days
Timor-Leste 30 days
Togo 7 days
Tuvalu 1 month
Zambia 90 days


China May travel to Hong Kong, Macau and Hainan without visa
Iran Pre-approved visa obtainable at the airport
South Korea May travel to Jeju Island for 30 days without visa
Rwanda Visa is processed online
Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa is processed online
Sao Tome y Principe Visa is processed online