Did You Know That It’s Important To Pee After Intercourse? Here’s Why!

t is important that we ensure our health alongside the pleasure of making love, and here’s a tip that will provide health benefits if you do it after intercourse!

There is a risk of possible infections getting inside your body through the microbes and bacteria in the genital areas by having s*x.

In order to avoid urinary tract infection in women, science experts stress the importance of urinating after s*x.

This tip applies especially to women because female ejaculation does not expel the harmful substances that might end up inside the female’s genitals. By peeing 45 minutes after intercourse, the risk will be reduced.


The use of condoms are largely helpful in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases.

Awareness and taking care of your personal hygiene are the best ways to prevent diseases and fully enjoy making love!


Did You Know That It's Important To Pee After Intercourse? Here's Why!