DepEd Is Aiming To Have Drug Tests On Teacher, Employees And Students!

The Department of Education ordered to have the high school students drug test. Not only the students but also the employees and teachers of the high schools in the Philippines.

According to the Section 46 (19) of Book V of Executive Order 292, it states that the public servants including the teachers who will test positive on drugs will be subjected to disciplinary/administrative proceeding with the penalty of dismissal.

On the other had, the CSC Memorandum Circular No. 34, all of the officials and employees of government service must have a mandatory drug test for pre-employment and must undergo drug test in the centers accredited by the Department of health.

However, the Secretary of DepEd claims that the students must have the consent of the parents before having any drug test.

“We have to be very careful because they might think they are being suspected of something,” she said.