De Lima Finally Admitted She And Driver Ronnie Dayan Became ‘SUPER CLOSE” Before

On a press conference held in Kamuning Bakery Cafe on Saturday, Senator Leila De Lima finally speaks up about the ongoing controversy about her and her alleged driver/lover Ronnie Dayan being involved in illegal drug trades in the country.

Although she denied the allegations about her as protector of big-time drug lords, the senator awkwardly admitted in front of the press people that she and Dayan became too close before.

De Lima confirmed that even before she served the government, Dayan was already her driver/bodyguard and with that, they had a ‘special connection.’

However, she wouldn’t give enough details on how close they were before.

Meanwhile, the senator once said she wasn’t informed that Dayan is already married before he applied to become her driver and bodygua


So, does this mean, the rumors are true?

Watch De Lima’s statement below: