Controversial: Why Can’t He Defend Himself From The Viral Post Of MRT Girl? MUST READ!

A Facebook user named Karla Monique Olandesca posted a photo of a young man on her Facebook account, that comes with a caption saying that this man’s attitude fits his facial features. She got a bit furious at the man because he didn’t offer her his seat in the MRT, since it’s rush hour and almost everyone wanted to sit down and rest.

ow, the guy in the said viral post was identified as Aldrin Ryan L. Alcon.

He was identified by one of his friends. Andrea Gonzales posted a Facebook status saying that the reason why he wasn’t able to offer his seat is because he’s also tired.

It turns out that Aldrin is a working student and right after his class, he travels to reach the destination of his work. Meaning, this young man wanted to rest for a while before working.

Always remember that before ranting about what you’ve experienced, try to think of what others have been experiencing too. Don’t be too selfish, sometimes, you have to consider others feelings too.

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