Check This Out: Despite The Rain He Continued Doing His Job

Being under a rainy weather releases all types of laziness on our part. Whether in our offices or just outdoors, the art of doing nothing might just be found in our dictionary. Who can’t resist not sleeping because of the cold weather the rain can offer.

Despite the rain, the cold weather, the hassle brought by the weather, a traffic aide was not moved by laziness. He remained in his post and did his job despite the weather. Fransisco Nodado Jr. earned praises from social media users after committing to his job even on a rainy day.


His post was the junction near Parkmall in Mandaue, this was where his photo was taken. He was already wet all over due to the rain, but you can see the dedication to his work written all over his face.

He even helped a jeepney stranded in the flood. The best thing would be getting a cash reward from the Mayor of Mandaue (Luigi Quisumbing) for working despite the weather condition.

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