Change Is Coming As Philippines Becomes Potentially The Cleanest Country In The World. Amazing!

For the past years we had all learned to live with our backpacks in front of us, our cellphones well hidden, our moneys allocated in case of robbery and streets swarming with litters and thieves.

During Duterte’s campaign on the last Presidential election, one phrase has struck us and had enticed us: Change is Coming.

This was such a powerful statement. Many people had been skeptical about this thinking that it was probably one of the most well thought of marketing strategy constructed that had led 16 million voters to favor Duterte.

But Change has truly come, slowly but definitely visible.


Baclaran, Paranaque City, Recto and Divisoria are among the dirtiest places in the Metro. People have learned to live with it believing that the places were hopeless. But the recent change in administration have proved us otherwise. Look!

Filipinos are satisfied and greatly positive that if this continues, Philippines may just be the cleanest place in the world, maybe not now but hopefully one day.