CAN’T SLEEP? Here Are 3 Tips To Help You Sleep In Just 60 Seconds!

Everyone has days when they had all the work in the world for one day, or at least it felt like it, and then couldn’t sleep at night.

You woke up early that day for work, expecting that when you get home, you’ll be dead tired and have a good night’s rest, but instead, you as around the bed begging sleep to come visit you.

They resort to grandma’s advice of drinking a good old glass of warm milk, or counting the cars that pass by outside your window, and yet they still can’t sleep.

Here are a few tips that will help you get that restful sleep we all dream of:

First, you breathe in, and relax your nerves. Position your tongue in a manner that it hits the back of your front teeth. After this, inhale slowly as you count to 4 in your head.


Second, hold your breath while remaining relaxed and count up to 7. Your body now has enough time to absorb the oxygen and give energy to all your organs.
The oxygen content in your blood is increased and your body begins to relax.

Lastly, while breathing out, count to 8. You should try to breathe out as smoothly as possible. If you hear a quiet swooshing noise, you are doing it right.

The slow exhaling ensures that the “used” air fully leaves your body. As a great side effect: your pulse will sink and will be noticeably calmer. You can almost feel the tension dissolving.

With some practice, this trick works everywhere and anywhere. Even with stress or panic attacks, the body will relax within seconds. It is said to help in general against high blood pressure.

And all that just by breathing correctly!