Breaking: Japan Announced That A Filipino Lost His Life Because Of Overwork! Everyone Should Know This!

News network Asahi Shimbum reported last Monday that a 27-year-old Filipino in Gifu Prefecture passed away in April 2014 due to “karoshi” or dying due to overwork.

In 2011, Joey Tocnang came to Japan to work at Gifu Prefecture in a casting company where he was asked to cut steel and to apply chemicals to a mold.

Due to heart failure, Joey Tocnang passed away three months before he was scheduled to go back to the Philippines. It was confirmed that it is all because Tocnang was forced to give longer hours at work a month preceding to his passing. He was logging in 78.5 to 122.5 hours of overtime.

He sent most of his salary to his family who resides in the Philippines as he was paid the minimum wage.

The labor office of Japan advised the Family of Tocnang to apply for claims and compensation which was granted August this year. The wife and daughter of Tocnang were given the right to receive 3 million yen (about P1,400,000) in a lump sum payment and about 2 million yen (P900,000) annually for the acquisition of the survivor.


Japan Times also added that the Gifu labor office found that Tocnang’s employer also overworked two Filipinos along with a Japanese national.

That is why lawmakers in Japan are now in the middle of analyzing a bill on how they will improve the working conditions of foreign workers in Japan.

Since 2011, Joey Tocnang is the first foreign worker who has a documented case of passing away due to overwork.

A Filipino Lost His Life In Japan Because Of Overwork! Read His Depressing Story Here!