Beauty Queen Lara Quigaman Makes PBB Housemate Kisses Cry! What She Said Will Shock You!

“You said sumasali ka ng pageants? It doesn’t look like it.”

That’s just some of the harsh words of Lara Quigaman to Kisses Delavin in the Day 79 inside the house of Kuya in Pinoy Big Brother 7.

In order to improve their confidence in the upcoming PBB pageant, the Miss International 2005 said harsh words to Kisses about her weight and her walk.

Kisses, who joined four pageants already, was told by Lara that she doesn’t look like she has joined previous pageants.

To add more salt to the wound, Lara made Kisses look in the mirror and taunted her image.


“You look a bit chubby. What will you do about it? Where’s your strength?” Lara said.

So why is Lara doing this? According to her, she wants the contestants to be strong because in pageants, there will be insults everywhere.

“I wanna do the lait practice for them to be strong,” she said.

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