An OFW Was Taken Advantage Of Her Taiwanese Boss Who Uploaded The Video On YOUTUBE And Did THIS! Shocking!

Last September 8, a 31-year-old Indonesian caregiver has posted on YouTube a video of her being raped allegedly by her Taiwanese boss.

The woman started working in Taiwan last December, then now claims that she got raped by her boss this July.

On the said video, a topless gray haired man was seen and was trying to take off the clothes of the caregiver.

The caregiver said crying and begging, “Lau Ban(her boss), I don’t want. Stop it.” She said this in the Chinese.

Then the man forcefully took the pants of the woman and said that he only wants to have a glimpse.

The caregiver said not to look but he continued to assault her sexually. However, the said video was already removed in YouTube.


But when the police came on to the house of the employer on the same day to act in response of the call of the caregiver, she was not able to give her statement because she fainted in the middle of her stating her complaint.

Last September 10, the report was supposed to be resumed but the woman was seen with cuts on her wrist. Plausible that she attempts suicide.

After being rushed to the hospital, the doctor said that her condition is already stable. But 6 to 7 cuts were seen on her wrist.