A Cebu Pacific Employee Is Going Viral For What She Did For This Passenger Who Almost Missed Her Flight!

A Cebu Pacific employee have earned the attention and praises of the social media for her fast-thinking and excellent customer service.

Netizen Angel Lanie shared on Facebook his experience with an airline employee of Cebu Pacific last August 14 (Sunday).

Lanie narrated the remarkable way of Airline employee, Chamille Tabares who helped his mother who almost missed her flight on August 10. His mother and nephews were all set to board the plane when unfortunately, she realized that she was on the wrong terminal and to top it off, she still needed to print her boarding pass.

What happened next? Read the story she wrote online!

“I’d like to commend the exceptional customer service attitude of a cebu pacific employee assigned in NAIA3. Her name is Chamille Tabares (see attached picture),from the domestic check-in area.

Last August 10, 2016; my mother was about to take her 1920hrs flight to cebu (5J manila to cebu).

We arrived at the terminal with only 15mins left prior to scheduled boarding. We had my mother’s ticket secured thru web checkin and only needed to have it printed so she can proceed to the boarding gate.


Unfortunately, my mother was not attended accordingly and was given the run around. She was told that she needed to go to terminal 4 to have her ticket printed. We got so worried as terminal 4 was a few blocks away and if we have to get back to the road to take the highway getting thru the heavy traffic, we would be risking missing my mother’s flight.

Regretfully, My mother had a lapse of judgment as she did not realize that her flight is at terminal 4. I then approached a cebu pacific staff (ms tabares) and sought assistance on what can be done to help my mother not miss her flight. The lady, instead of unnecessarily educating us about boarding policies which most staffs do when they handle erring and late passengers, took the initiative to expedite printing of the ticket and suggested to have my mother taken to terminal transfer service to be able to catch my mother’s flight at terminal 4 instead of just shooing us away and take the terminal 4 ourselves thru the highway traffic.

I commend ms chamille tabares; fast thinking, for being resolute and showed real customer care.

What she did exemplify a good model for customer service.

How I wish all customer service staffs of Cebu Pacific is like her.”