A Bully Tried To Mess With A Smaller Kid Who Does MMA And It Didn’t Go Well

In the video posted by Facebook page We Love BJJ, it starts out looking like a typical school fight, of a bully picking on a smaller kid. The small kid doesn’t seem like he wants to get involved, but when he does it’s unexpected.

Unbeknownst to the bully, he’ll be facing a not so ordinary kid.

As the two fight, the victim throws a swift right cross followed with a left kick and takes the bully down like a grappler. He then lands flurries of punches and finishes him off with an arm bar – pretty mad skill for a kid.

After tasting his own medicine, the bully begs a friend to get his supposed-to-be victim off him because he’s going “to break his arm”, while the other kid was met with praises from his peers, with one telling the bully: “He beat your ass Mitch.” The bully eventually walks away after his total annihilation.

While the lad defended himself like a pro, he still showed class by not taking it further.

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