A 5-Year-Old Girl Managed To Remain Calm As She Called 911 Because Of Her Dad Suffering From Heart Attack!

A 5-year-old from Indiana, USA named Savannah has been able to be calm when his Dad was suffering a heart attack. Her Dad was still able to dial the number however, because of his situation, the little girl took over the phone.

Savannah remained calm even though the situation is serious and she talked to the dispatcher composedly. As the dispatcher asked her to unlock the door she then said, “Ok, I am going to go… Don’t worry Dad!”

The following conversation is so cute as she said that she was still wearing her pajamas and she has to get dressed when the rescuers will come.

The dispatcher then makes sure that Savannah stays with her Dad until the rescuers come. So when she said that she’s just going to change her clothes, the dispatcher told her to just stay with her Dad. She even called their dog to be with them. When the dispatcher asked if her Dad was okay, she then replied, “So far so good. Stay calm, Dad.”


In situations like that, it is still best for you to remain calm just like what Savannah did. So that people or authorities can talk to you and you can answer them back clearly.

The conversation was indeed heart-warming and Savannah’s Dad is okay after what happened.