9 Health symptoms men shouldn’t ignore

While the fact that men have greater exposure to violence and are more likely to use alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, machismo can also be blamed for their shorter lives. Apparently many men tend not to seek medical advice as they believe they must be “tough, brave, self reliant and restrained” when it comes to medical issues.

re are some of the health symptoms that men should never ever take for granted, according to The Daily Mail UK.

1. Erectile dysfunction

This may be a sensitive issue for majority of men but an erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of heart disease.

2. Moobs

Moobs or man boobs can be an indication of hormonal imbalance or a sign of liver disease. There’s also a possibility that the testicles are not functioning properly if you have this.

3. Peeing in the night

Needing the bathroom in the night could be a sign of an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

4. Change in libido or no sense of smell

Changes in a man’s sexual drive could indicate a hormonal problem that may lead to sex drive and fertility problems. Meanwhile, a lack of smell is associated with Kallman’s syndrome, a genetic disorder that leads to delayed puberty.


5. Lump in testicle

While lumps and swelling in the testicle are considered common among boys and men, these may still be a sign of testicular cancer.

6. Blood in the urine

Having blood in the urine, even if urination is painless, is the most common symptom of bladder cancer.

7. Excessive drinking

Drinking heavily is one of the red flags of depression.

8. Painful big toe

If you’re experiencing sudden and severe pain in one or more joints, particularly in the big toe, you may be suffering from gout, a type of arthritis wherein a crystal of sodium urate builds up inside and around joints.

9. Lumps around the nipple

Men like women can also suffer from breast cancer. A common symptom of male breast cancer are lumps found close to the nipple.