5 Hidden Dangers About Monthly Periods That You Should Know!

For some women, having menstruation can be painful. This is the reason why most women hates having their monthly period.

Now, here are 5 conditions that women should be aware of whenever their monthly period comes.

These are the things that could affect their health.

1. Sudden bleeding might be because of uterine or cervical polyps. But if you are taking pills, then this is normal.

2. Unbearable cramps that causes extreme pain. This could be a sign that you are suffering from a serious disease.

3. Light Flow could mean that you are having thyroid or pituitary issue.

4. Having a late cycle and the chances of being pregnant is low means that you are having hormonal imbalance.

5. If you are having a discharge that has the same color as the ‘cranberry juice’ or saturated red color. It means that you are having a normal secretion.