10 Warning Signs Of Cancer Most People Ignore Until It’s TOO LATE

Many people fear cancer and it’s still as deadly as it is 50 years ago.

The search for a cure is complicated by the fact that cancer is not one disease.

Once cancers have spread, they are difficult to eradicate because cancer cells come from the body itself. The body’s immune system is unable to distinguish cancer cells from normal ones.

While cancer is a life threatening ailment, it is important to detect early symptoms and signs so that you can get immediate treatment that could help suppress or completely destroy the cancerous cells.

Be aware of these 10 Early Signs Of Cancer:

1. Unexplained Bleeding

When you have an unexpected and unexplained bleeding such as blood in your stool or urine, coughing up of blood and bloody discharge. You need to immediately consult your doctor as it could be an indication of cancer.

2. Lumps

When you see a new lump or an.old one that has changed in size and appearance you should not ignore it as it could be a symptom of cancer.

3. Persistent Fever

Persistent fever could be indicative of cancer of the immune system which tends to linger on and never go away.

4. Unexplained Fatigue

Chronic fatigue even after proper rest and inactivity can be caused by cancer. You should consult your doctor if you are fatigued always despite having sufficient sleep and rest.


5. Bowel Movement Changes

You could have cancer in the lower digestive tract if there is a change to your bowel movement like constipation, diarrhea and blood in your stool.

6. Cold Sores

If you have sores on any part of your body like in your mouth it could be a sign of the onset of oral cancer.

7. Indigestion Problems

This can be misdiagnosed most times as just a gastrointestinal problem, however studies have shown that this could be a sign of cancer in the upper digestive tract. If you also have difficulty in swallowing as well as stomach pains you should immediately consult your doctor.

8. Urination Changes

You may have prostate or bladder cancer if you have pain when urinating or blood in your urine.

9. Having Unusual Hair Growth

See your doctor if you notice any unusual hair growth as it could indicate the presence of cancer.

10. Changes In Your Skin

If you notice unusual changes in the colour of your skin like a yellowing, darkening and reddening of the skin then you should see your doctor as it could be a sign of cancer.