1 Year Old Baby Survives by Eating Cockroaches for Two Weeks After mother Dies in Shower

A shocking story of a baby feeding off of cockroaches for 2 weeks headlines the news and media. According to a report from News 4 KTLA, Sandra Jones, the mother of the 1-year old baby, died in their apartment and the baby was left all alone.

Without anyone feeding the baby, the toddler started eating cockroaches and managed to survive until local police authorities arrived at the apartment.. Relatives of the baby’s mom grew worried after not hearing from them for quite some time and from there they discovered the whole incident.

Building superintendent Ronald Megan found the lifeless, decomposing body of Sandra and found the 1-year old baby all dirty and covered with excrement and her own urine.

Plenty of dead cockroaches were found all over the apartment, and shockingly the baby instinctively ate the roaches in order to survive and drank water from the toilet. The incident was investigated by the police and concluded that Sandra slipped on the bathroom and hit her head on the tub which caused her death.

Immediately, the baby was brought to the hospital for medical care and attention. Remarkably, the 1-year old toddler recovered after the tragic incident and is now in the hands of her aunt who could not believe what happened and concluded that it is indeed a miracle the baby survived.

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